Online Coursework

Order Process

Choose the appropriate service from our list. Then align the level of writing needed for the project along with the turn-around time for the 1st draft.


Enter the service category, writing level along with all the details of your project including preferred writer and if you want to personalize the written output.


Once you receive the first draft of your project you will be given a window to check and collaborate with our writing team for the necessary changes.


Once all requirements are met and or no revisions are required we can now consider the project closed/completed. This is however not applicable to the online coursework service where the task and projects are continuous over a period of time. Hence project collaboration and audit should happen every week or as needed.

Online Coursework

Our online course assistance service is a simple subscription-based solution designed to help you breeze through an online class and its course requirements such as essays or academic papers, forum discussions and online collaborations, and online exams.

For an affordable consumable fee of $200, you’ll be subscribed to this service and it will involve us attending your online class and going through its different course requirements to ensure on-time submission of required deliverables on your behalf.

A weekly report will be sent to you detailing the itemized deliverables we have accomplished so far, as well as your remaining balance. We will ask you to renew your subscription by paying another consumable fee once your balance is close to depletion while your online class is still ongoing. Any unused balance by the end of your online class can be refunded or placed on your account as a credit.



Simple and convenient: You don’t have to worry about your online class, particularly its course requirements or deliverables once you’re subscribed. We will accomplish them on your behalf so that you’ll have more time to attend to more important things.

Far more economical: It is more affordable to avail our online course assistance than purchasing individual services, including online academic writing services. There’s also no need to worry about your deadlines or placing individual orders. Just leave the rest to us.

Guaranteed passing mark: Remember that we have a team of writers, researchers, and subject-matter experts from different fields or disciplines. Your online class will be taken care of by experienced professionals with years of experience in delivering academic assistance and consultancy, including academic writing services.

Personalized service: We don’t submit generic work. All requirements and deliverables are accomplished with your profile in mind. Hence, your online class performance will reflect your preference and requirements, especially your writing style, language fluency, and academic or professional level.

Choose from different disciplines: Our expertise in numerous academic disciplines allows us to take a variety of online classes or course from a particular field or within a specific course track or academic program. These disciplines include business and economics, the natural sciences, technology and engineering, social sciences, and language and literature, among others.

Valued-added services: Availing our online course assistance service also grants you with numerous value-added services, including 24/7 customer support via email or chat, free templates, as well as free tools and resources, and discounts and rewards.


Average Period of  Consumption 

2 - 3  weeks.  Dependent on the volume of task  | activities assigned to the user

Consumable Deposit

$ 200.00

Why We Are The Best!

•   Affordable Prices
•   Personalized Writing
•   Focused Field of Study
•   Largest Pool of Writers
•   Excellent Customer Service
•   On-Time Delivery
•   Unlimited Valid Revisions
•   20 Years of Academic Writing
•   100% Privacy Guaranteed
•   100% Original Content
•   100% Money Back Guarantee


Free With Every Order

Free $5 Title | Cover Page
Free $5 Table of Contents
Free $5 Reference | Bibliography
Free $5 Formatting
Free $10 Grammar Report
Free $10 Plagiarism Report


      $50 TOTAL SAVINGS!