Ways to Stay Safe on a Night Out

Skelton (2013), as cited by Wilkinson (2018), proclaim that night out are done to mobilize the abilities of young people to have fun through taking advantage of the available resources and recreations in the market. In the study of Hollands in 1995, going out is not just a playful pastime for the young people since it ha central element in their identities. He also mentioned how going out during the nighttime also has a social significance that people use it as a rite of passage and signifies adulthood.

It is common for people to consume alcohol during night outs which could lead to disaster if they are irresponsible drinkers. Stoppers (n.d.) mentioned that most people that do not take their safety seriously might end up being a victim during a night out especially in a drunken state. Learning some preventive measures to ensure your safety in a night can make a difference.

If you want to enjoy a night out without worrying your safety then it is best to learn from these tips and tricks:

1. Keep your valuables in a safe place

Avoid bringing flashy valuables with you since it might attract vicious people that might pose a danger. Stealing valuables during night outs is not something new since it can happen to anyone especially when you are in a drunken state since you have low defenses. Do not make it easy for criminals to take advantage of you by keeping your valuables in a safe place.

2. Know your limitation

If you cannot avoid drinking liquor, then it is best to learn when to stop. Knowing your limits and alcohol tolerance will help you think clearly. Having a clear mind will help you sense a dangerous situation and can give you the strength to defend yourself or ask for help. You also need to watch your drink all the time to avoid having your drink spiked.

3. Go out with the people you trust

Nights out are best enjoyed with people whom you trust your life with. It is best to go out with familiar people in night outs since this will ensure you that everyone genuinely cares for each other. If friends go out in a group, everyone automatically keeps eyes on each other to avoid getting in danger. It is always better to have more than two eyes to check on you.

4. Stay in the open

Whether you are going home or dancing with other people at the party, it is best to be in the open where your friends and other people can see you. You must remember that it is less likely for someone to take advantage of you when there are other witnesses around the area. If you walk to your home, make sure that you are familiar with the route or if you do not trust your judgment then let someone you trust drive you home or call your family to fetch you from the venue. You must be aware of your surroundings to be safe all the time.

5.Update your family and friends

It is best to let your family and friends on your whereabouts. You need to have at least one other person to know that you are going out whether you are going alone or with friends. If possible, you must update this person or your family regularly on when are you leaving and with whom. Doing this will help them keep track of you, and it will be easier for them to send help if you need it.

Always keep in mind that living life to the fullest also means living it the safest way possible. It is best to have fun without any accidents. The only way to do this is to know the ways to stay safe during the night out and making sure that you are a responsible adult. Everyone should have fun during a night out, and it should remain the same way throughout the night.


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Ways to Stay Safe on a Night Out