A Simple and Effective Guide To Writing Cover Letters (Demo)

A cover letter serves two main purposes. First, it gives your potential employer the gist of who you are and what you can do for the company. Second, it showcases your communication skills. When writing a cover letter, it is vital to remember the following:

  1. Write in a language that is understood by the reader. If you are switching careers, say from being an engineer to becoming a salesperson, avoid the jargons in the engineering field. This will avoid confusion and
  2. Weave your cover letter according to the company and job requirements. If the job necessitates being “personable and a team player,” indicate in your resume that you are personable and a team player. This way, the hiring officer will have an idea that you wrote your cover letter specifically for that company.
  3. Explain your qualifications in detail. Thorough explanation of your core strengths in your cover letter helps your potential employer decide whether to give you that interview or not.
  4. Follow the required format. Different companies require different format. Make sure to read the job posting thoroughly before handing in your cover letter. Following the specified format gives your potential employer the impression that you know how to follow even the simplest instructions.

Your cover letter may not be the ultimate basis whether you’ll land the job or not, but it certainly opens the door for interview which brings you one step close to your dream job.

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