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Our network has been vulnerable to malicious attacks which call for better security measures in place. Some of the attacks are passive, meaning transfer of data is monitored; while others are active, meaning the information is changed to corrupt or destroy the network itself.

We propose to use an endpoint protection platform (EPP) to provide security to any computer system or hardware from malicious attacks. The main aim of the software is to detect intrusions such as malware that may harm the system’s integrity (Dalziel, 2015). Among the available EPP software or application available in the market, we strongly recommend ESET©. ESET is a Slovenian company that provides anti-virus solutions (Firstbrook, Girard, & MacDonald, 2014). ESET is constantly updated to provide protection against recent threats (Debski, Malcho, & Stancik, n.d.).

ESET EPP meets the requirements of our company for network security. It can mitigate the risk of compromising the information integrity by thwarting intrusion. Moreover, it can be installed and used easily by our engineers. ESET EPP will be our partner in achieving the future goals of our company.

The “Best” Application Lifecycle Management Tool

As the name suggests, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) includes all of the entities which are part of the Application Life Cycle. On the other hand, Software Development Life Cycle (SLDC) includes everything that is concerned with software application development. SLDC is a part of an application lifecycle, which starts as a concept or business idea (Birmele, 2007).

SpiraTeam is one of the frontrunners in ALM applications. (2015) commended the software for being a flexible and effective ALM solution. Among the best features of SpiraTeam is its modern architecture design, stability, a plethora of functionalities, and it is affordable compared to its competitors.

Thus, SpiraTeam is nominated for becoming the best tool for ALM.


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