Surviving Your Class Breaks – What to Do?

Arguably one of the most valuable skills of all is time management. This is just one of the simplest and most important lessons learned by students in school, such that they come up with various ways to spend the time they have between their classes. For instance, the studious ones can be counted on to do some advanced reading for their next class, while those who are struggling academically may instead opt to cram homework assignments within that time frame. Alternatively, the more laid-back ones may choose to relax or socialize with their peers. With that in mind, this post details some of the most common ways to pass the time during those breaks in between classes.

Arguably one of the most important and useful ways to spend class breaks is to finish up on homework. Notwithstanding all the reminders about time management, not to mention all the warnings about cramming and procrastinating, the fact remains that homework assignments have a tendency to pile up –which becomes more and more observable as the grading period approaches the midterm or final exams. In that case, it is not unheard of for struggling students to try and cram their homework not just the night before class or in the morning before classes start, but even and especially during their short breaks between classes. While doing so can be stressful and counterproductive in the long run, there is no denying that using class breaks this way can be very helpful if done on occasion.

Conversely, another use of class breaks would be to do an advanced reading. Just as students can use their break time to catch up on their homework, they can also read ahead to be better prepared for their classes. This is especially useful for the harder classes such as Math; in this case, a student who studied in advance will likely have an easier time following the class discussion than his peers who chose not to prepare ahead of time. So for those who happen to have difficulty in a particular subject, familiarizing oneself with the subject matter could go a long way in helping them earn a passing grade.

Lastly, one can also use class breaks as intended by takingthat time between classes to relax and unwind – be it by socializing with peers, taking a quick nap or otherwise unwinding however else one wishes.On the one hand, taking advantage of breaks to catch up on one’s requirements or do an advanced reading is perfectly acceptable.Given the frequency with which student life can become very stressful and demanding, however, there is nothing wrong with using these periods to relieve stress by relaxing and taking a break. By doing so, a student clears his mind in time for his next class. Moreover, for those who lack sleep for whatever reason, taking a quick nap during class breaks makes it easier to focus during their next class, not to mention much less likely to fall asleep and miss out on the lesson for that particular period.

More than just ‘surviving’ one’s class breaks, one can use them to thrive. Rather than simply idling at one’s desk doing nothing, a student would do well to reap insteadthe benefits of finishing up on homework or reading in advance as mentioned above. Indeed, while class breaks allow studentsto enjoy a brief respite from the pressures of their academics, these breaks themselves can provide a student with a valuable lesson in time management – provided that one recognizes that particular lesson and applies it as consistently as possible.

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Surviving Your Class Breaks – What to Do?