Things to Do During your School Breaks

School breaks can be cool and fun, depending on the things a student does during this holiday. The challenge to keep one entertained can also be tough particularly in autumn and winter seasons when the weather is not so good. In my case, I love getting involved and witnessing different forms of art such as singing, dancing, watching movies, visiting museums, taking photos of beautiful views, and even hanging out for picnics. In summer, I would meet my friends at the park and take some time to talk about our family and how things are going on. Then I would do some hiking activities around the park wearing my running shoes in the morning with some music on. At most times, I am often entertained with watching movies at the cinema with friends, particularly action genre. After watching, I would drop by at the grocery to buy personal pieces of stuff necessary at home. Sometimes at night, my family and I would go to the nearest café with a live acoustic band performing country songs, drink at the bar and chill out.

During winter, I would go to my friend’s house, and we would bake some pizza for lunch before watching our favorite show in the afternoon. They say that winter can be dark and dull and the cold weather can lead to unhealthy habits because you cannot quickly go out. Sometimes, the weather drives me sleeping too much or overeating because of the length of time I stay at home. So I need to entertain myself with physical activities and not just by spending too much time on the internet. I would go ice skating, shovel snow for a family that needs help, do some winter hike, or attend winter photography seminars. Things that need to be done such as washing clothes and changing bedsheets and curtains, I will do it. I also like to do things that would help me improve my capabilities in life as well as improve my talents and skills. Singing has been my favorite, so I love staying home with karaoke on. Winter can also be a perfect time to learn social skills, and I do this by reading books or watching social media. Volunteering at the community can also be fun like serving at the church or helping a hospital campaign for children. It helps me develop my social skills. Museums are one of the best places to visit during winter. I get the opportunity to explore the history and learn the origin of each area, including the ancient people and their culture. Arts and paintings also help me appreciate the medieval times.

When the weather is good, especially during summer, I would be going out for a vacation for a couple of days to the beach and do some water activities like riding jetski or snorkeling with my friends or family. Simple picnics at the backyard or a park can also be fun. It helps me improve my relationship with family and friends. My favorite picnic food is a barbeque with some cold smoothies. If I still have enough time during the weekend, I would go to the gym to do some exercise to keep myself healthy and fit. Cooking is also on top of my list. During snack time, I love making a chicken sandwich and chocolate ice cream for my family. On Sundays, we would attend the mass together and spend the rest of the day for dining and malling. I also love attending holiday camps to learn new skills specifically forest camping. Here, I learn different life survival techniques, and I get to meet new friends with whom I can interact with. Camping builds my camaraderie and confidence, and it keeps me motivated to finish difficult tasks. It also helps improve my mental and physical abilities. Sports have been on top of my list ever since I was a child. Because I love going to the beaches, swimming has been my primary sports. I am more competent at freestyle swimming, and my mom would always watch me when I participate in swimming tournaments and events.

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