A Simple and Effective Guide to Writing a Resume (Demo)

A resume does not have to be great. It has to be perfect. Why? Because it reflects the type of person you are. If there are errors in it, your interviewer may think you are not keen on details. But aside from being free from spelling and grammar errors, your resume must perfectly portray the value you can bring to the company. Here are some tips to help you get started in writing a resume:

  • Write down ways you can help improve the company’s finances and achieve their goals.
  • Think of ways you can exceed expectations.
  • Choose powerful and compelling words. Use specific language for your industry. Avoid general expressions such as good communication skills, etc.
  • Blow your own horn. If you’re good at selling, say it!
  • Don’t shortchange yourself. If you accomplished a number of achievements before, explicitly mention them.
  • Back up your skills with real accomplishments. If you have communication skills, you may say that you liaised for a previous company and a client.
  • Make it reader-friendly. Don’t make it too long. Use bullet points when necessary. Use colors and fonts that are eye-friendly.
  • Ask someone to review it for you and give you honest feedback.

Writing a resume is no easy task. You have to carefully craft it and revise it until you are sure it will serve its purpose. Always remember that although it is just a piece of paper, it contains a lot of information (misinformation) about you. Hence, it is your gateway to being interviewed or not.

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