3 Creative Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block (Demo)

So you’ve been sitting in front of your laptop for about 2 hours now just staring at a blank page.  Clearly, you are stumped!  Happens to everyone, right?  The thing is you have just about 24 hours to finish 10 pages worth of essays, what do you do?

1. Exercise.

Try jumping jacks to get the creative juices flowing.  Make it higher and faster; you’ll also burn calories in the process.

Not into it? A quick run around the park might do you good.  The fresh air, change of scenery and the adrenaline rush will surely recharge you.

If you want to take it slow, a half hour of yoga and meditation might snap you out of it.  Go to an archery range, and learn the sport.  It’s up to you if you want to imagine someone’s face on the target.


2. Pamper yourself

Not the athletic type?  Cook one of Jamie’s or Rachael’s 30-minute meals, if you are like most people, cooking will relax you and take your mind off the paper for a bit.

Take a cold shower, and don’t forget to sing out loud.

Watch a couple of Buzzfeed videos; Tasty is my guilty pleasure.

Go online shopping and don’t forget to use your student discount!

3. Socialize

Go on skype and call your mom, she misses you for sure, and you can try to squeeze out a few essay ideas from her.

Call a friend and maybe take in a movie?

Go crazy with snapchat for a few minutes or post an Instagram story.

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3 Creative Ways to Get Over Writer's Block (Demo)