A Simple and Effective Guide to Writing Term Paper (Demo)

A term paper is similarly a research paper. It is primarily a record of intelligent reading from several sources on a particular topic. Here is a simple and effective guide to writing term paper.

  1. Decide on a topic or subject.
  • Choose a topic that is accurate, interesting and specific.

  1. Find recent and relevant sources of materials.
  • List subject-headings. Get the right kind of material.
  • Have a card file with complete details of the references or sources. Utilize this for proper citation and listing of references to avoid plagiarism.
  1. Gather notes.
  • Be accurate and honest with the ideas. Paraphrase and summarize but do not distort the author’s meanings. Present facts or opinions. Present not just those that support your subject but other views as well.
  1. Outline the paper.
  • Do not hurry. Review your notes and make the outline of your paper.
  1. Write the first draft.
  • State the purpose.
  • Present facts, data and information gathered coherently with sub-headings.
  • Tell the reader what you have said. Summarize and give a closure.

Edit the paper. Polish the first draft. See to it that the ideas were organized, coherent and concise.


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