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Global Market and World Peace

This paper attempts to explore the negative concerns on the statement that “establishing a global market is the pathway to world peace.” It tries to show that this statement is not necessarily true since there are many illustrations which prove the opposite. Hence, this paper will initially show the unifying global forces in the establishment of world peace. Then, it shall present the devastating effects of the global markets that actually threaten world peace and instigate nations to take a protectionist stance towards their national growth and development.

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CSIA 301 Case Study #1

Introduction The main purpose of endpoint protection platform (EPP) is to secure any computer system or hardware from malicious attacks (Dalziel, 2015). EPP software aims to detect intrusions such as malware that may harm the integrity of the system. EPP software detects behavioral patterns in all types of malware (Dalziel, 2015). The key to successful…


Endpoint Protection Platform

Introduction Endpoint Protection Platform primarily includes malware detection capabilities and comprehensive endpoint security features such as firewalls, email antivirus, filters, Host IPS, device control, application control, mobile antivirus, and encryption. It provides protection to the central network of a corporate or business. It is beneficial to the business since it can minimize operation costs by…