A Simple and Effective Guide to Writing Book Reports (Demo)

A book report provides the basic details about a book, a summary of the plot, and analysis of the content. The reader then makes comments and gives opinions and impressions towards the book. The basic step of writing book reports, of course, is to read the book, not chapter-by-chapter, but as a whole first before beginning to write.

Here is a simple and effective guide to help you write your book report.


State the book’s title, the topic and the author’s name. Give good impression first. Write about the author’s perspective, the genre, and the theme; and write a hint about your feeling towards it. Make your introductory statements strong that it can grab the reader’s attention.


As you read the book, take down helpful information like characters, plots, genre, statements or events that caused you reactions, the writing style used, the tone of the author and others. Organize this information and present them coherently as the body of your book report.


Provide overall impressions and opinions about the book. Restate the name and author in your concluding paragraph. Present your conclusion in relation (in contrary or in support) to the author’s perspective and main theme of the book.

A good book report captures accurate overview of the book and presents your specific stand about the writing style, tone, genre and content of the book.

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